The Hyundai Kona is the Best Subcompact SUV in Smyrna

With more and more Smyrna drivers quickly joining the growing ranks of SUV ownership, it's vital for dealerships to give their customers the low down on which model is the best value for the money. Subcompact SUVs are the type that everyone is going for, and there are a multitude of reasons for this.

Smyrna drivers who previously owned a compact or mid-size sedan are quickly finding out that the transition to a Hyundai Kona is a smooth one. The Kona is an athletic vehicle that is nimble to the touch, and its available turbocharged engine gets up to 175 horsepower thanks to its pairing with a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission.

More environmentally conscious drivers that invest in the Kona's electric option can get 258 miles out of a single charge alongside 132 MPGe in the city and 108 MPGe on the highway. What's more, is that the electric version of the Kona gets the highest power output of 201 horsepower and can be recharged in ten hours using a level 2 charger.

Despite its subcompact nature, the Hyundai Kona sits up to five people very comfortably. Its infotainment system is headlined by a seven-inch touchscreen that is compatible with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, allowing Smyrna drivers to stay connected to their favorite apps.

If you're ready to see what the Hyundai Kona is all about, schedule a test drive at Ed Voyles Hyundai and experience it for yourself.

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