KBB Instant Cash Offer

Get the Most For Your Trade In With Our KBB Instant Cash Offer Tool!


Is it time to upgrade into a nicer, newer or more reliable vehicle? Whether you're thinking of upgrading to a new Hyundai model or one of our many used vehicles, we encourage you to utilize our Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer tool to find out how much your current vehicle is worth! Trading in your vehicle has never been faster or easier for drivers in Smyrna or nearby in Marietta, Sandy Springs or Atlanta than it is with the KBB Instant Cash Offer tool. Simply fill in a few quick details about your vehicle, or use its VIN number instead, and the KBB tool will automatically appraise the value of your vehicle based on what others in the area received for vehicles just like yours. This allows you to factor in the value of your vehicle when shopping for your next one, so you can get the best idea of which vehicle and financing option is going to be the best fit for you!

The Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer tool only takes a couple short minutes to learn the value of your vehicle. You can either use the VIN number of your current vehicle or you can insert the year, make, model, and other pertinent details from a series of dropdown menus to get a match. After you finish with the information, the tool automatically compares your vehicle to exact or similar matches to your vehicle and determines how much it's worth. Once you learn the value of your vehicle, you can take advantage of our online financing tools to get a better idea of your financing options with the value of your vehicle included. When you're ready to trade it in, you can bring it into our vehicle with your KBB Instant Cash offer and we'll honor it offer a quick confirmation inspection, allowing you to get the highest value possible for your trade in every time!


If you're ready to get behind the wheel of a newer or nicer vehicle, or if you have any questions surrounding the trade in process, we welcome you to make the short drive from Marietta, Sandy Springs or Atlanta and join us at Ed Voyles Hyundai in Smyrna, GA to learn more about our Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer today!