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Synthetic oil vs Conventional oil: Which one to use in your new vehicle

Most people are aware that synthetic oils perform better than the conventional oil. However, they do not understand the reason behind it. They should know that everything between the two oils is different.

Synthetic oil vs Conventional oil

The synthetic oil has to undergo a special procedure before it is distributed in the market. The oil is distilled and purified to remove all the impurities from it. On the other hand, the conventional oil only undergoes the distillation process and many crude impurities are still in it.

Reasons to select synthetic oil

Here are a few reasons that will help you understand how the synthetic oil works and why you should use it over conventional oil.

1-Keep the engine clean
When the oil moves through the parts of your engine it picks up the deposits and keeps it clean. The conventional oil might cause a sludge that will reduce the efficiency of your engine. However, with synthetic oil, you will not have to face such issues.

2-Protect from wear and tear
The engine parts are constantly moving and they are in high contact with each other. There is friction between the parts and so if there is no oil the parts will easily break. Synthetic oil will enhance the life of your engine by protecting it from wear and tear.

3-Better flow in low temperature
If the temperature is low outside and your car sits even for a night the oil will settle.
• When you start the car you will have to wait until the oil gets hot and flow smoothly through the engine
• Conventional oil takes more time to heat up
• Using the synthetic oil your engine will heat up quickly even if there's freezing temperatures outside.

4-Protection at high temperature
When you are driving the vehicle, the engine will soon get hot. If you are using conventional oil, it will evaporate quickly and your engine will be exposed to wear. The chances of damage increases if you are driving the vehicle in hot temperature. Synthetic oils have been developed with special resistive technology that will protect your engine from heating up even at high temperature.

Bottom line

The engines run at high temperature due to which the conventional oil is broken down easily and if you do not notice will damage your vehicle over time. By using a conventional oil you will have to change it more often usually by 3,000 miles while the synthetic oil will last 10,000 miles. There's another choice you can get and that is the Semi-synthetic oil which will last for 5,000 miles and being a great option for your vehicle engine as well. Always remember to ask your dealer what is the required oil for your new vehicle to keep your engine performance by using the recommended oil from the manufacturer.

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