Ed Voyles Fantasy Football Dice Roll


  1. The client/sponsor appointed contest administrator is responsible for ensuring all contestants are fully aware of all contract terms & conditions and the contest rules. All contest attempts must occur in the presence of the client appointed contest administrator.

  2. Any prospective customer who test drives a vehicle at Ed Voyles KIA or Ed Voyles Hyundai will have one attempt to roll the six (6) dice to win the $18,000 Vehicle from Ed Voyles KIA or Ed Voyles Hyundai. If the customer purchases a vehicle from Ed Voyles KIA or Ed Voyles Hyundai they will receive three attempts to roll the six (6) dice.

  3. Each individual contest attempt will occur as follows:

    1. Each eligible contestant will be presented with the designated sign-in binder and six (6) 6" dice for their particular

      contest attempt and directed to the area where to complete the roll.

    2. Each eligible contestant must sign-in prior to their contest attempt. Multiple attempts per contestant are permitted.

      The contestant must sign-in prior to each attempt.

    3. Each eligible contestant must be in a standing position, holding the six (6) 6" dice in their hand, tossing the dice a

      minimum distance of 6 feet onto a smooth playing surface. Football During the toss, the dice cannot come in contact with any object or person and at minimum complete two rotations, coming to a complete stop on its side. The dice must lay flat and cannot be leaning against anything.

    4. Any die that is stacked or leaning in any fashion will void the roll/toss and the contestant will be allowed a replacement roll/toss of all of the dice.

    5. No part of the contestant's body or clothing may come into contact with the dice after such dice have been rolled/tossed prior to such dice coming to rest.

    6. Each toss/roll must be videotaped as evidence in the event of a claim. Such videotape must show:

      1. Each contestant as they "sign in" immediately prior to their roll/toss, AND

      2. The actual roll/toss of the dice and following such dice until they come to rest.

        1. Any claim that is a result of tampering with the dice will not be covered by this contract.

        2. A successful roll is defined as the execution of the roll, as outline in section IV-2a-g, and winning side facing

          up, all letters face-up.

        4. Each eligible contest attempt must be videotaped. Any attempt that is not recorded on videotape will not be considered eligible for a claim under the terms of this contract. It is the responsibility of the contest administrator to ensure that all video taping equipment is in working order. The individual operating the video camera must record:

        1. All contestants officially signing-in the official sign-in binder prior to their attempt;

        2. All contesants actual roll/toss of the dice;

        3. The result of the roll, the six (6) dice at rest showing all letters face-up, with all dice in clear view to the contest

          administrator and video camera, while the camera zooms in and focuses on the side rolled of each die.

        4. In the event of a claim, the entire sequence of events must be provided on continuous, unedited, uninterrupted


        5. No purchase necessary. must be legal resident of the United States.

        6.  Limit 1 test drive per household per 60 days. 
        7. Total grand prize to be awarded with be 18k cash voucher towards the purchase of a New Car at Ed Volyes.